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Goodbye Korea!!!


Well its time to say Good Bye to South Korea. We are all feeling really sad thatwe are leaving all the wonderful friends and families that we meet on our four week stay here. Theres alot to look back on though. We learned so many new things about this country and its cultures. handeling forein currency and trying our local will never leave my mind.
All the shops and lively bustling streets of Soeul are soo much fun and then who can forget the De-militairized zone between North and South Korea. We wish some day that the two nations can get along and find a solution for thier dacades long disagreements. The Island of Cheju-Island was so fasinating and very hot. Our last Korean word we learned here today was Annyong-hi kashipshio which means good-bye.

As we depart for Calgary we say our last good byes and who know we may be back real soon!


If you need more information about Korea please feel free to check out these sites.


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We might have been under the sun too much . .


We might have been under the sun too much . . .

We are officially dark from being on the beach and site seeing the area, but that’s okay we needed a tan anyways. So today we headed over to Suwolbong Peak and Chagwi Beach. We both love the beach and since Cheju-Island consists of beaches and water, then we might as well make the most of it.

Suwolbong is a small mountaintop and it is famous for being a favourite sunset viewing place.(1) The mountain has vertical cliffs spreading out like a scroll painting which was created from the sea waves. I stood on one of the cliffs and I was stunned by the scenery, it was absolutely beautiful and worth seeing. We spent half of the day just sitting on the cliffs and taking a bunch of pictures. We even met a few tourists like ourselves.

The rest of the day we headed off to the Chagwido Island located to the north and off the coast. Chadgwido Island is where only the top peak area has grass growing and the rest of the island is made up of dark rocks and cliffs. Some locals were saying how this place was famous for fishing during January, March, June and December.(2) As we waited long enough for the sun to set we stood on one of peaks and as we overlooked the seashore was the color red along with the sun. Too bad both of our cameras ran out batteries. Boo!

Picture taken from http://english.tour2korea.com

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Soaking up under the sun!


We finally arrived here in Cheju Island (Jeju-do). We took the ferry from Gyeongju and here we are. This island is filled with scenic beaches, waterfalls, cliffs and caves which is known to be a very popular place for tourists. The first thing I really want to do is find the closest beach and relax! It feels like we have done so much the last few weeks and I really just want to sit by the water and relax.

Our destination for the day is Hyeopjae Beach. It is located on the west side of Hanrim-eup and is part of the Hanrim Park. The white sandy beach is about 20 meters long and the water is 1.2 meters deeps.(1) On the plus side since Hanrim Park is nearby half of the day we explored the Hyeopjaegul cave and Sangyonggul Cave and it was such a great experience. One cool fact we both learned today was since the seashore to the southwest of the Hyeopjae Beach connects to another beach called Geumreung Beach, both beaches are combined getting the name Hyeopjae Beach.(2)

Here's some pictures for you to enjoy!

Picture taken from http://english.tour2korea.com

We are beat! Cheju Island is gorgeous and we can't wait to explore more of the island!

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Gyeongju and its food

Hwangnam bread

Today it was all about local drinks and delicious dishes. Gyeongju is famous for Hwangnam bread,a sweet bread the size of a cookie. It's really just a small pastry with a filling of red bean paste andwas a treat to have at breakfast in the morning. Many restaurants offer fresh seafood from nearby Kamp'o Port. Kyongju popju and Hwangkumju are two famous rice wines made locally.

Kyongju popju Wine

Korean culture has a great variety of (traditional alcoholic beverages)1, and alot of history behind it too.Historical books claim that a long time ago there was a king who enjoyed alcohol to tempt woman to want to have many children. We asked which king was it but the servers said its just an old fairy tale. Still we where fasinated how history and culturemixes in thier every day lives. Food and drink plays a historical part in Korean culture.

Seafood dishes

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Over 90 years of history


Week 4 in Korea and here we are in Gyeongju. The city itself is filled with exquisite architecture, history; culture and about 8-9 million tourists’ visit this city a year.

Today we went and visited the famous Bulguksa Temple which represents Gyeongju and was given World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995.(1) The Bulguksa Temple was built in 528 during the Silla Dynasty and after 17 years of construction and the name changing of the site, the name Bulguksa was finally given to the temple.

There was so much history within this temple that each and every part of it had some sort of significance.

Individuals for admission were 4,000 won and it opens from 7 am to 6 pm.

Picture taken from http://english.tour2korea.com

Nearby was the Gyeongju National Museum which has a history of about 90 years.(1) The exhibit hall is divided into 4 large parts: The main hall, Annex I, Annex II, and the Outdoor Exhibit area (Museum Grounds). In total, there were approximately 30,000 artwork and craftwork in this museum.(2) Buddhists sculptures make up a majority of the stone artifacts. SO as a traveler, if you are interested in Buddhism or the culture of royal palaces this is a place you do not want to miss.

Picture taken from http://english.tour2korea.com

The admission fee under 24 is 200 won and if over 25 it is 400 won.

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